Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Taking Time to Recover

Having just come back from my trip to the Middle East, I'm in the process of getting over my jet lag. It used to be that it only took me a couple days and I was through the process completely. Now-a-days it seems to take a bit longer.

I have a strategy for 'getting back on my schedules.' I'm faithfully employing this strategy as we speak.

The ingredient that I need to add more of these days is... patience!

As with so many things in life, it takes what it takes to get over jet lag. There is no short cut for the process. All I can do is do what I know to do... and let it happen.

I always wish it would go faster. I always want to be through the process before it's complete. All that wishing and wanting doesn't change the fact that it takes me a while to get over my jet lag!

I've started to consider it another life experience meant to teach me to be patient with myself. Some things just can't be rushed.

When we are sick we need time to heal.

When we experience a disappointment or loss, we need time to grieve and move through it.

When we have major life changes, we need time to integrate the new and release the old.

If we are experiencing conflict or difficulties in relationships, it will require extra time and attention to work through the issues.

Life is filled with experiences that require us to invest extra time, energy and effort AND 'allow' them to unfold.

Some of us, including me, struggle with that inevitability.

You can't push the tide. We will actually experience less stress and more joy in life if we learn to let natural processes unfold as they are meant to. We need to be willing to cut ourselves some slack as we put more time and energy into these issues. Sometimes we have to let other things slide a bit, temporarily, in order to accomplish what needs to be done.

So, as I relax into my jet lag recovery, I'm keeping that in mind.

It takes what it takes to move through it. My job is to cut myself some slack in the next few days and support myself in getting back into my Seattle schedule. Adequate sleep, exercise and a good diet are all priorities for the next few days. If I neglect myself right now, I could very well end up getting sick. It's worth 'taking it a little easy' right now in order to avoid that!

Got anything going on in your life that requires extra energy or effort? Make sure that you acknowledge what is needed, and do your best to give yourself the space and support to move through the experience with love and compassion for yourself.

Time for a cup of herb tea as I prepare for sleeping. Goodnight!

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