Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Being "In the Club"

I love it when I'm driving along and I see two motorcycles approach each other from opposite directions and give each other their little 'wave' of acknowledgment. Have you seen this ritual? Evidently there is a whole protocol to this ritual. Harley riders typically wave one way, Honda motorcycle riders another. Some wave only at riders on 'their' brand of bike. Other riders wave at any other motorcycle. Yes, there are some who don't wave at all, but we aren't talking about those folks!

I find this to be a sweet and touching practice. To me it speaks to the need for human being to 'belong' to a community. To feel that they are 'part of a larger whole.' It also demonstrates that people like to share the experience of what they are doing with other people, and acknowledge that they 'understand' something that those who are not members of their group don't share. They have a 'secret.'

Some times convertible drivers will do this with similar 'rules' as the motorcycle folks. Some drivers will wave at any other convertible. Others will only wave at someone driving their make and/or model of automobile. It's the same principle at work.

We all need to belong. We all like to 'understand' our experience and share that with other people who also 'understand.'

Next time you are on the road, look for these rituals... and smile at our human love of community and connecting!

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