Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Taking the Time to Be Sick

I've been absent the past couple days from the blogosphere. I came down with a nasty bug of some sort on Monday night and was down for the count until late Tuesday. It might have been food poisoning, although I've searched my mind for any possible culprits and can't for the life of me think of what might have done it! It might also have been a flu bug of some sort, and possibly, my well heeled immune system knocked it out before it could take hold. Whatever it was, I am delighted that it passed quickly and I'm back!

When the sickness gripped me, I did what I think is best to do. I took the time to nurture my body with rest and quiet and I let the healing process take its course. I didn't push myself to keep up with my regular routine. I listened to my body's message and I relaxed into the process I found myself in. I've learned not to struggle against the tide. I go with the flow and let myself have what I need to recover and feel good again.

I was rewarded by a speedy return to health.

Sometimes, in my past, I would push, push, push, and continue working at full speed, even when I could tell I was getting sick. The result when I've done this, is to get sicker and sicker. I would generally be sicker longer... and be 'out' of my normal routine for longer. I've learned that it actually makes sense to 'surrender' to my process (in all ways) and nurture myself back to health.

I attended my personal training session this morning, and my trainer couldn't believe how strong I was. She knew I had been sick the day before! I was even more alert than usual because I had rested so much the previous two days. Go figure.

Honor your body. Heed it's messages. Do what it asks you to do for it's health and well being. You'll be well rewarded. If the body is the temple of our soul, doesn't it deserve to be treated with reverence and respect? When the body is sick, it needs our love, patience, nurturing and respect.

If this is a difficult concept for you, try to imagine what counsel you'd give your best friend, or your child if they were sick. Would you advise them to push and keep going? Or would you counsel them to take it easy and 'get well.' You know the answer! Apply that same compassion and nurturing to your own, precious self!

Happy Healing! :)

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