Thursday, September 04, 2008

When It's Lit - It's Lit

I recently attended a wedding ceremony. I had a rather amusing experience at the reception I'd like to share with you.

Once the beautiful wedding ceremony was concluded, we moved under a tent (this was an outdoor wedding) for the reception. Many last minute preparations were under way by the event staff. One such task was to light the candles on all of the tables.

Two young men were scurrying around with flame makers, lighting these candles. When one of the guys came to my table I collected the candles closest to me to help him out. As he began to light the candles, I was amused at how he would light the candle wick once, and then continue to spark the flame maker - and repeatedly light the same wick - over and over and over. All I could think to myself was, "Dude... once it's lit... it's lit!"

Seeing this happening, got me thinking about how often I think I'm 'not ready' for something or I'm "not finished" with something when I really am. I believe we often don't give ourselves credit for what we already know, or where we actually are in our evolution or preparation for some task. We keep preparing - well after the time to just "GO" has presented itself. We feel we need to prepare more, accomplish more or do more before we are 'ready.'

I think we often doubt our readiness and our abilities and hold ourselves back in our endeavors.

We need to realize that once our candle is lit... it is lit! Let's stop trying to light the lit candle and take the light out into the world!

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