Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Release Control to Open Channels

I really enjoy taking walks near my home. I have a route I walk that takes me up a hill and along a ridge through the woods. I generally listen to music, or some sort of educational or inspirational talk as I take my walks.

This past Sunday, we had an unexpected little burst of sunshine and I decided to take one of my walks. With my MP3 player in hand, I set out.

As I started to peruse my player to choose what I wanted to listen to I accidentally selected the option to play randomized shuffled tracks. This is not my usual practice. I usually allow my mood to dictate what I listen to. On this particular day, I decided to go with my 'accidental' selection of randomized tracks and see what showed up for me to listen to.

It is important to this story to mention that I have almost 2,000 tracks on my MP3 player! The variety of music and audio/talk products that I have is immense. I have all genres of music including rap, pop, rock, country, Christian, classical, inspirational, soundtracks, musicals... you name it... it's there. I probably have 30 CDs worth of inspirational/motivational talks as well. Lots and lots of variety!

I found it amazing to see what was presented to me in my random list of tracks.

Here were the tracks that I heard:

1. The first track that played was one of my own voice! It was me doing the benediction at the memorial service of my spiritual teacher, Dr. Charles Bruni several years ago. I performed his memorial service, which was one of the great honors of my life.

2. The second track was of a minister thanking me for the talk I'd just given at his church.

3. The third track was a song by Paul Carrack, called "Inspire Me."

4. Next up was a track from a talk product I have about becoming a writer and a speaker - this particular track was on various options for how to best publish a book, depending on your goals.

5. After that, a 'talk' track on the power of feminine presence and how to allow that presence to shine forth more fully. (Something I've been working on).

6. An inspirational song was up next - In the Blink of an Eye by MercyMe

7. A blues song about someone lying to someone (an experience I've had more than once in the past few years)

8. Another inspirational song - Holy, by Nicole Nordiman

9. "Where I belong" by Bryan Adams (from the movie "Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron")

10. Another blues song about leaving behind people who don't treat you right. (Something I've had to do a LOT in the last few years).

11. Ocean, by 10-Shekel Shirt (another really uplifting and inspirational song).

12. A favorite instrumental by Third Force called, "Bridge of Dreams."

I was simply blown away by the 'program' that the universe presented to me on my walk!

As an aspiring author and speaker, the fact that several of the selections somehow related to this was astonishing to me!

With the exception of the two blues songs (which I'll get to in a minute) all the other songs were especially uplifting and relevant to me at this particular moment in time.

The blues songs each addressed unpleasant situations that I've gone through in the past few years. These situations have troubled me and been difficult on my heart. I found it amazing that they were represented in the universe's 'playlist' for me this particular day.

Again, I have almost 2,000 songs on this player! I didn't hear any of my hard rock songs, or other tracks from genres that are heavily represented in my collection.

It's like the universe knew exactly what message I needed to receive and queued it up just for me. All because I relinquished control and allowed the experience to unfold.

I really like to control and direct things. It is my nature to do so. Yet, I'm well aware that as I've learned to relax my need to control... miracles have happened in my life.

This 'universal playlist' is just one such example.

Great things can happen to us if we learn to relax our need to control, and allow Spirit to guide and direct us.

I don't take lightly the messages I received during my 'out of control' walk. I truly believe I was meant to be encouraged in exactly this way!

Surrender your need to control... and see what comes to you!