Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Endless Snickers

Many years ago I had a roommate named Bill who loved miniature snickers bars. He always kept a bag of them in the hutch over his computer desk. This was during the good ole’ days when I worked in the software industry as a designer and shared a house with Bill and Craig, who were both software developers. All three of us had our computer desks in the dining room of the house we shared. We sat together in that room, for hours at a time, working on our computers like the geeks that we truly were. :)

One day, Craig, and I decided to play a joke on Bill. Bill always bought the bags of snickers, but frequently Craig and I would eat them. Bill didn’t mind – he had invited us to help ourselves. So all three of us ate Snickers, but Bill was the lone supplier.

For our prank, Craig and I decided that we would continually replenish the bag of Snickers so that the amount in the bag remained constant. That way, no matter how many bars Bill, Craig and I ate, the bag would never run out. We ate quite a few of these candy bars between the three of us, so I figured that Bill would catch on after a week or so and we’d all have a good laugh.

I purchased several bags of the candy bars and hid them in my room. Every time I’d become aware that we’d collectively eaten 5 or 6 bars, I’d sneakily replenish the bag. Several days went by. Bill didn’t seem to notice anything. One week went by. Still no awareness of what was happening. Bill watched us eat Snickers… he ate many too and still he didn’t seem to notice that something phenomenal was occurring!

This went on for two months!! We ate dozens and dozens and dozens of Snickers bars. (I looked a little different back then!) Bill never seemed to notice that the supply of Snickers was endless! I finally got tired of buying more bags (we probably went through about 6 bags of candy bars) and I told him what we’d been doing. He was stunned. This is an extremely intelligent guy…he wasn’t clueless! So, something deeper was at play in how long this went on.

What was most amazing to me was the ‘prosperity’ or ‘abundance’ consciousness that he displayed!! We all had as many candy bars as we wanted, and he didn’t seem surprised, at all, that there were always candy bars there when he reached for one. He wasn’t constantly checking to see if he needed to buy more. He freely shared what he had with his roomies. Two months of consuming candy bars, and never once did he think, “I’d better buy more Snickers because we’re going to run out.” I was pretty impressed by that belief… that what he wanted would just be there!

To this day, we all laugh about that experience. The lesson it taught me about manifesting abundance has always stuck with me: Set your expectations and believe that all things are possible!

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