Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Mir Centre for Peace

On September 21, 2007 (International Peace Day) I attended the grand opening of the Mir Centre for Peace. Mir is the Russian word for peace... and also 'the world.' Selkirk College is the proud home of this embodiment of a new type of educational program. They now have a "Peace Studies" program available through the college and the Mir Centre.

The vision for the Mir Centre is to bring together people for discussion, education and reflection on how to create 'cultures of peace' that will transform our world. Its a beautiful vision.

It is built on land that was inhabited by First Nations people and then the Doukhobors. The creators of the centre are attempting to blend important concepts for peace and reconciliation from these traditions as they create the centre.

The centre is housed in an old Doukhobor communal home. Each brick is from the original building. All the bricks were removed, cleaned and then reused in the renovated building. A beautiful metaphor of taking the old, crumbling pieces of the past and constructing something beautiful with them.

Here is a nice document put out by Selkirk College on the Mir Centre for Peace and how it came to be: Mir Centre for Peace History Document.

It is my hope that I will be involved with the Mir Centre as a presenter in the future to discuss some of my interest and efforts in the Middle East.

Good things are happening all over the world. We don't always hear about them. It is important to find and nurture these projects that aim to create a more peaceful, compassionate world.


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