Sunday, September 02, 2007

Welcome to Inspired Path® Living

I finally decided it was time to join the modern world. In the world of psychology and spirituality, I am a brave adventurer. I love to wrestle with new and complex ideas. I am not timid and shy about tackling the new frontier when it comes to the realm of how to work with our minds and hearts in order to tranform our lives!

I must admit, however, that in the area of 'new techology' I sometimes tend to be, what we call in the computer industry, a 'slow adopter.' I like for things to be 'tried and true' before I dip into them. In some ways this serves me well. I let others 'debug' things before I start to use them. In other ways, it probably holds me back. Most times I simply view my slow adopter status as a survival tactic. In today's world, things move and change so fast. That can be a bit overwhelming for us human types.

Something I know about myself is that I don't always have to have the newest, fastest, slickest new toy in order to be happy. So, I hang back until I really think something will be useful to me.

So... now is the time to blog! I will use this forum to share some ideas and thoughts about life and our human processes of personal and spiritual growth, change and evolution.

Perhaps these writings can provide a little inspiration, motivation and encouragement. That will be my goal.

Once again, welcome! I look forward to the journey ahead.


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