Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Looking for Signs

As I mentioned yesterday, I'm off to the Middle East tomorrow! I wanted to share something pretty interesting about my decision making process with regards to this trip.

I've been really busy for the past few months and I have traveled a great deal. There have been moments, in preparing for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and this 3 week trip, where I have considered cancelling or postponing my trip to the Middle East. I was feeling extremely overwhelmed by all that I had to get done.

Last week, there was a day when I almost pulled the plug on the trip. I was close to saying, "I just can't go." That very day, my 'daily horoscope' (that gets delivered via email) had the following to say:

Your Horoscope for NOVEMBER 23, 2007

Today is likely to reflect a strong desire within you to obtain certain knowledge. There is something you need to know, nola, something that might empower you to do something you've always wanted to do. Therefore you might want to spend as much of your day as possible doing research in order to obtain this piece of information. You might also think of travel, perhaps traveling to spiritually oriented places such as Egypt, Israel, India, or the British Isles.

I'm not saying that I plan my life around my horoscope. :) I do, however, look for signs from the Universe/God when I am trying to make decisions for myself. This seemed to be a pretty clear indication that I was meant to go, at this time, to the Middle East. I am going to Israel/Palestine. Icidentally, I've been to all the places mentioned in that list. I find that intriguing as well.

I believe that God and the Universe speaks to us in infinite ways. We just need to be open to the guidance that is coming our way. I still don't know 'why' I'm going to the Middle East. I have never known, for the 20+ times I've been there. I do trust, however, that I'm supposed to go... and I don't really need to know why!

Signing off from Seattle...

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