Monday, January 14, 2008

Changing Conditions

Like a lot of Seattle folks, I watched the disappointing Seahawk's playoff game this past weekend. The Seahawks were playing against Green Bay, somewhere in Wisconsin. I don't need to go into the details of the game, except to say... it was ugly!

One thing about the game that really struck me was how clear the weather was at kick off compared to the conditions later in the game when snow was falling at a fast and furious rate.

I'm not,in any way, blaming the Seahawk's loss on the snow. There were many problems with the way they played the game. I was watching them play in the slippery white stuff, however, and kept wondering how the heck they could even stay on their feet! The Green Bay Packers are most likely used to playing in this stuff. They are from Wisconsin, after all. Our Seahawks don't play in the snow very often.

The conditions on the field changed mid game. What did the Seahawks do? They played. They couldn't control the conditions on the field. Even if they didn't like the snow or perform as well in the snow... they played. That's what players do. They play. They play no matter what the conditions are on the field.

How often do we want conditions to be 'just so' before we do what is ours to do in life? We wait for the right conditions before we take action. The Seahawks didn't 'wait' for the snow to go away before they played. They played in the snow. The outcome wasn't what they hoped for, but they didn't use the snow as an excuse to take off their uniforms and go home.

OK, I know... they get paid big bucks to show up and play. The point is still the point. We have things that are ours to do in life. We need to do them. Conditions around us are always changing and we can't control many of them. Waiting for the right conditions is a sure way to stay in one place and never progress.

We, like the Seahawks, have to face whatever conditions we find on the field and do what is ours to do. The outcome isn't nearly as important as the playing. Sometimes we will win. Other times we will lose. Even in the losses, however, are lessons that make us better players in the game of life.

Face the changing conditions and do what you have to do! That's what life (and football) are all about!

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