Thursday, January 03, 2008

The Importance of Understanding

I was in my bank the other day, and as I conducted my transaction, I noticed a sign on the wall behind my teller. The hand written sign was posted above a little machine. It said,

"PLEASE - Don't press any buttons on this machine if you don't know what they do!!!"

I cracked up as I read it. The teller asked me what I was laughing about and I pointed at the sign. She went on to explain that it is easy to mess up that machine and render it useless. They depend on that machine a great deal and can't afford to have it out of commission.

As I left the bank I was thinking about the sign and the universal importance of the message conveyed there. If you don't understand how something works and you blaze ahead in engaging with it, you can mess things up.

Sometimes ignorance of the rules can be dangerous. I like to think about electricity. Electricity is powerful. If you understand it and work in harmony with it, you can light a cathedral. If you are ignorant or arrogant about how it works, you can electricute yourself. The power is the same power. The difference is in how it is directed. KNowledge and undertanding are critical in the directing of that power.

Understanding the laws of the universe and how to engage with life allow us to be our most successful. It pays to take the time to learn how we can feel and perform our best in life... physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Otherwise we are randomly punching buttons on the machine, and often can paralyze ourselves.

Even a sign in a bank can remind us of what's important. So next time you find yourself about to punch buttons and you have no idea what they do... ask for help or haul out the instruction manual and study up. Increase your understanding and your knowledge level and watch yourself soar!

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