Friday, January 25, 2008

Illuminate the Darkness

I'm sitting here writing as I burn a candle from Zena Moon (, my very favorite suppliers of candles!!

Zena Moon creates very special candles. They are created around themes. Each candle has a theme attributed to it. There is an inspirational quote on the candle that matches the theme. Each candle has a unique color, aromatherapy scent combination, and includes some sort of crystal or gemstone.

For example, the candle I'm burning at the moment is "Moving Through Change." It is a lovely swirled combination of various shades of blue. It is scented with magnolia and English ivy. It contains a lepidolite gemstone. The quote on it says, "All birth is unwilling." ~ Pearl S. buck.

On the website, there are often recommendations for books and other materials to support you when working on the area of your life that a particular candle relates to! What a magnificent resource!!

Obviously I am working on embracing change in my current life experience! I love burning these candles with the intention of giving myself 'support' around various life challenges.

I highly recommend Zena Moon candles. Carla Blazek is the creator, candle-maker and soul proprietor of Zena moon. Carla is an acquaintance of mine. I bid on a basket full of her candles at a silent auction many years ago. We met when I WON... and collected the basket of candles. Her life story and how she launched her company are an inspiration to me!!

I have given many Zena Moon candles as gifts. It is wonderful to offer inspiration by way of a candle. The metaphor is unmistakable. Candles illuminate the darkness. They provide warmth and comfort.

Burning a candle that helps us focus on a goal or intention is a lovely gift we can give to ourselves. It is a way to nurture yourself through difficulty or to take time to celebrate a triumph. I'm a big fan of 'marking the moment' with a ritual. Candles, especially Zena Moon Candles... are a great way to do that.

I also feel good knowing that I'm supporting Carla in living her purpose. Her work is a blessing to all of us on our path!

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