Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Embracing our Uniqueness

Ever wondered why it is that we compare ourselves incessantly to other people? I find it frustrating that I continue to do this, even though I know better!

There is nothing wrong with having role models, or learning from the successes of other people. We get in to trouble, however, when we constantly compare ourselves to others and wish that we could be more like them. Doing this actually dilutes our appreciation of the fact that we were created to be a genuine, authentic 'one of a kind.' We were never intended to be just like any other person. We were given a special set of characteristics that no other human being possesses. This was not an accident!

I believe that each of us is born with a purpose and a mission to fulfil. We are given exactly what we need in order to accomplish this mission. Nothing is missing.

Learning from others is great, but embracing what is uniquely ours is a magical part of the equation. When we can appreciate ourselves for all the things that make us different, we liberate ourselves to really shine and contribute. Comparing ourselves to others or envying the skills, talents, resources, appearance or personalities of others is a mere distraction from developing our own raw materials into the best they can possibly be. It's a diversion and a waste of precious energy. We don't feel good when we do this and it's self defeating. It leaves us feeling discouraged and as thought we will never be able to measure up.

All of us are able to do different things in life, precisely because we are so diverse. If everyone was alike, what a boring world we would live in. If everyone had the exact same skill set, we would really be in trouble. Many of our needs would go unmet.

Each of us can contribute something that no other being on earth can provide to the tapestry of life. Instead of staring at another piece of thread in the tapestry and wishing we were THAT piece, it's time to start celebrating our own authentic, essential presence.

Appreciate others for their gifts and accomplishments... and give yourself the same courtesy! You are YOU for a reason!

As my friend Gail Larsen of Real Speaking always says, "Be yourself! Everyone else is taken!"

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