Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Longer Days Bring Hope

This winter has been really difficult for me. The long, dark days have bothered me more this year than ever before. I think a couple of factors have made it a bit tougher for me to take.

I was in the middle east for most of December. That tends to be a critical adjustment period to the shorter days. I left when the days were still a little longer, and came back to darkness descending by 4pm each day! My jet lag is always harder to get over in the winter, partly because of the shorter daylight hours. I struggled upon my return. I wanted to go to bed every night at around 6pm!

Also, we did not have a real summer in Seattle this year. We had so much rain and so many gray days that none of us really got the 'recharge' that we need in order to coast through the dark months of winter! We literally need to be fortified to make it through all of the rainy, gray days, and limited daylight hours. I'm not the only one who felt this lack! All of us were getting really concerned in September that we didn't have a summer, and we weren't ready for what was to come!

The dark days have seemed to drag on and on this year. I was a bit surprised at just how much it was getting me down to get up in the dark and be immersed in it once again by late afternoon.

Now, however, something is happening. It was about a week ago, that I noticed that although the clock said 5:15pm, daylight was still partially present! The days are getting longer and its starting to get noticeable now!

This morning, when I woke up at 7am, it was completely light outside! This is the first time I've experienced that in several months! I felt my spirit literally leap for joy! I bounced out of bed with more vigor than I've been able to muster in quite a while!

What is it about a little bit of light that gives me such a boost? How can such a seemingly minor thing make such a difference?

I believe that the light gives us hope. The light lets us know that night and darkness does not last forever. When our days start to get brighter and longer, we are reminded that spring is coming. Warmth, light and new growth are on their way. We remember, once again, that we don't have to live our entire lives in the stark, cold, darkness of winter!

The return of the light kindles our belief in new beginnings and the ongoing process of growth and rebirth. We start to feel excited about what is to come, instead of bemoaning what has passed away, or what we are 'stuck in' now.

Let the returning light lift your spirits and buoy your heart! Spring is coming! The days will continue to get longer and longer and we will enjoy the gift of basking in the light more every day!

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