Friday, March 14, 2008

Taking the Waters

I just returned from a trip to San Francisco and Calistoga California. Calistoga is a quaint little town that has a claim to fame: boiling hot mineral water from geyers. The mineral water is bottled and sold. You can also go to a number of resorts and 'take the waters.'

I stayed at one such resort for a few days with a friend. We spent a lot of hours floating in the mineral water filled pool - allowing the nurturing minerals to sooth and heal us. It was quite an experience.

I also had my first mud bath. ANother activity meant to detoxify the system and infuse it with healing waters. I've never been coated in super hot mud before. It felt wonderful, and you could just feel the mud drawing out all sorts of toxins during the 15 minute episode. After the mud bath and washing away the muddy coating, a 15 minute soak in a tub of mineral water infuses the skin with nourishment. A steam bath of vapors from the nautral geyser is the last heat related part of the treatment. Then one rests on a comfortable bed wrapped in soft sheets for the 'cool down.'

I was fortunate enough to have two of these mud bath treatments and to soak in the olympic sized swimming pool filled with mineral water for many hours.

I came home with a dedication to the process of the purification of my system on an ongoing basis. We don't need to travel to Calistoga to detox and purify our bodies, minds and spirits. A bathtub will do. A shower can also be very effective. It all boils down to intention.

As I soaked in the mud, mineral water and steam, I visualized myself releasing all toxins: physical, mental and emotional. With each bead of persperation, I felt myself letting go of all that I no longer needed - at every level of my being.

Intention is a powerful force. We can make use of it anywhere and anytime to radically alter our life experiences.

There is no reason why each bath or shower we take cannot be an opportunity to release toxins and soak in the nourishment that water has to offer.

Give some thought to this the next time you shower or take a bath. It just might turn an ordinary experience into an extraordinary one!

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