Thursday, June 24, 2010

Coming out of the Fog

I haven't had too many opportunities to hike this summer. Our weather has been really, well, cranky, this year! I'm a bit of a 'fair weather' hiker. I like to hike when it's sunny and clear outside. I'm not one for heading out into the rain to slip and slide along muddy trails.

Because our weather has been so wet and un-summerlike this year, I haven't always been able to get up and set out in bright sunshine for most of my hikes.

The last time I went hiking a couple weeks ago, it was completely foggy and cloudy when I got up. It didn't really inspire me to go hiking. I knew that the weather forecast called for sunny skies on this particular day, but it sure was far from that when I looked out the window. It would have been so easy to just crawl back in bed and sleep in.

Instead, I packed up my gear and headed for the mountain. It stayed cloudy and foggy for my entire drive.

I started up the mountain in the fog. Then something interesting began to happen.

As I climbed along, it became clearer and clearer. Soon, I could see bright blue sky and sunshine filtering through the trees.

I had hiked my way above the fog into the glorious sunshine. It was indeed a magnificent day!

I could have turned around and gone back to bed when I saw the uninspiring fog. It really seemed like a better idea at that moment. I knew, however, that I really wanted to hike and get out into the world. I needed to be inspired by the natural beauty that is all around me here in Seattle.

Once I did my part and started to move myself up the mountain, the fog disappeared and I could see clearly in the crystal clear skies that live above the fog.

What a great metaphor for life. We can be 'turned around' by the appearances of uninspiring surroundings, or we can choose to do what is ours to do, and move forward anyway. Often, when we do, the circumstances that we find objectionable change before our eyes! We either move our self above and beyond those circumstances, or they cease to have any control or impact over us.

Got a little fog in your life right now. Start climbing the mountain that is before you! You can hike your way out of that fog!!