Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Stretching Out of the Comfort Zone

I'm really proud of myself! I did a couple of things over this past weekend that were big stretches for me. To some people, they may sound like 'no big deal,' but to me, with my specific constellation of personality traits and past 'issues' they were big accomplishments.

I wore a belt with an outfit that I wore. I haven't worn a belt ever in my adult life! I simply haven't been able to get myself to wear belts. They were not in my repertoire! A saleswoman convinced me that this belt 'made' the outfit I was putting together and I was pretty sure she was right. When I wore the outfit to a special event, I actually put the outfit on, with and without the belt and had my family members vote on what looked best. It was unanimous! I wore the belt!

I also had a new dress that I wore for the same time. It too was 'out of my comfort zone.' It was a style that I generally wouldn't buy for myself, but it was adorable! I thought it looked pretty good on me, and I had the perfect jewelry to wear with it. This dress 'challenged' some of my long held conceptions about what I 'can and cannot wear.'

I got lots of compliments on the new dress. I got lots of compliments on the other outfit too - including specific positive comments about the belt!

There would have been a time, not so long ago, when I would have been unable to purchase or wear either of these 'new' wardrobe additions. I simply would not have been 'willing' to take the chance.

I'm grateful that I've progressed to the point where I can edge myself out of my comfort zone into new territory! This has only happened because I've repeatedly done so over the course of many years.

We do so many things to ourselves to keep ourselves stuck in old ways of thinking and doing things. We alone have the key to free ourselves. We just need to put the key in the lock... and turn it. No one can do this for us!

Got any comfort zones that you need to be bustin' out of? Take a chance. Step out there. It won't feel 'comfortable' - hence the idea of leaving the 'comfort zone.' Eventually, however, if you hand in there and keep doing it, you will find that your comfort zone expands!

You can barely see the belt peeking out from behind my notebook. This is also not a color that I would normally wear.

Me in my 'out of my comfort zone' dress - with my brothers and cousins