Monday, June 28, 2010

That Satisfied Feeling

I'm coming to the end of a long but wonderful weekend. I spent the weekend with my family celebrating the wedding of one of my cousins. I was actually quite honored to officiate the ceremony!

We had a family get together one night, the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner the next night and the wedding on the following day. It was a marvelous opportunity to connect with my family and spend time together as a group.

The weather was beautiful! The wedding was outdoors in a lovely setting. We couldn't have asked for a better experience!

I enjoyed playing an important role in the process. It felt good to contribute!

Even driving to and from all of the events was fun. The weather, the beautiful countryside - everything worked together to make it enjoyable.

I did have one little unexpected problem. I got a flat tire the night before the wedding and had to deal with that. It was handled with relative ease, and it felt good to have been able to handle the crisis in the midst of so much fun without being totally incapacitated.

After a long drive, it feels good to be home again, reflecting on the joys and laughter we all shared these past few days.

I am also anticipating a richly deserved sleep. The excitement and events of the past few days has me a 'few pints low' on sleep! I didn't mind a bit, but I actually can't wait to 'hit the hay.' Nothing feels better than drifting off into a much needed, restful sleep!

It is such a gift to have moments like this! It's important to be able to look back over something that has just come to a conclusion, with satisfaction and pleasure, even when there were bumps along the way. It is also wonderful to be able to allow something to really conclude, carrying forward warm memories, but moving in to the next experience.

Being fully present to each experience, and moving easily and effortlessly from one to the next is a ticket to a rich and wonderful life!

My sequence of experiences is beckoning me into a much needed sleep at the moment!

What's next for you? Feel satisfied with what has come before - whatever it is. Let yourself learn your lessons, remember with joy, and move into the next 'new' moment.

For me... right now... it's "Sweet Dreams!"