Friday, May 16, 2008

The Burst of Fresh Green

I was away from Seattle for 5 days. Only 5 short days. When I returned home and looked around my property, it was as though I'd stepped into a new world.

Almost all the trees are in full foliage now. When I left, there were still many unfurled leaves. Now, the woods have filled in, and that crisp, fresh, light green literally fills the air.

The trees up close to my house are completely covered in leaves. The perenial grasses have started to sprout their new crop.

I always feel incredibly inspired by this site. The promise of new life is present everywhere as that indescribable green appears and fills the previously winter-barren space. It reminds me that something 'new' is alwasy possible. It shows me that no matter how dark and cold the winter... that a brighter, warmer, more promising future awaits.

The sunlight looks different shining on those fresh green leaves. It sparkles and tantalizes.

The birds seem happier and are definitely more active. I hear more birdsongs which also cheers the soul.

Take a look around today. Spring (at least in this neck of the woods) is upon us. Life returns after the long, cold, dark, barren winter. It always has... and it always will. We can count on it!

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