Thursday, May 15, 2008

Fighting Off the Bug!

Funny how we often resist taking the time to take care of ourselves proactively. Yet when we end up sick, we often have no choice but to take time off and rest. This seems backwards to me, yet I'm just as guilty of it as anyone else.

In fact, I can feel a bug 'working on me' at this very moment. I've been traveling, and not sleeping extremely well. I've had a lot of ill people in close proximity to me. I've kept up on my vitamin C and have tried to take precautions.

Now, I feel a bit of the creeping crud symptoms I've observed around me (sore throat, a bit of a temperature, general feeling of mailaise and fatigue).

I'm sitting at the crossroads. I have much to catch up on, but I don't feel well. Do I 'push through' and get some work done? Or do I take the night off, pour myself into a hot bath and rest?

I think I've learned my lesson in days past and from watching others. I'll take the night off and nurture myself as much as I can. I still might not avoid the 'crud,' but its the best chance I have.

Learning to nurture ourselves when we need to is a tricky undertaking in life. There is always something important to do. There is always a reason to keep pushing ourselves. Learning to STOP and rest is a difficult proposition.

On that note... the tub is calling my name. I'm off to 'nurture.' :)

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