Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What Could You Do With 10 Million Dollars A Day?

I saw a statistic in the news this morning on CNN. The U.S. Airforce spends $10,000,000 dollars a day... on fuel. Ten million dollars a DAY! It breaks my heart.

Think of all the starving people in the world. Think of the thousands and thousands of homeless people in China after the massive earthquake and aftershocks they have experienced. The suffering in Myanmar after the cyclone. The devastated lives of Hurricane Katrina. The people dying in Africa from Aids. So many causes that could benefit from attention and cash.

Yet, we, as a country, spend $10,000,000 a day... on fuel for planes.

Something is drastically wrong with our priorities. Drastically... wrong.

We haven't touched on the Army, or the Marines, or the Coast Guard's fuel costs. Let along the costs of being involved in two wars simultaneously - whose cost would make the Air Force's fuel cost look like chump change.

My teacher used to say, 'what we focus on and give our attention, time and resources to' expands and grows.

What are we focused on and giving our resources to? War... or Peace?

I heard it said once that you can tell a lot about your priorities by looking at your checkbook and seeing where your money goes.

Our 'collective' US checkbook tells a sad story at the moment. I shudder to think of the 'cost' (in money, human lives and misdirected potential) that our current path is extracting. It is a staggering amount to be sure.

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