Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Count Your Blessings

I was driving through a small country town this past weekend and drove passed a little church. On their sign it said, "Do Your Math. Count Your Blessings." It reminded me that it is important for all of us to stop focusing so much on what we lack... and to have gratitude for what we do have.

It is so easy to focus on the negative. To keep our eyes firmly fixed on what is lacking and what we wish we had. Yet, all around us, are blessings galore. To just stop, each day, and focus on 5 things that we HAVE and are GRATEFUL for... can revolutionize our life!

What we focus on grows and expands. If we focus on what we lack... guess what? Lack expands. We see more lack and experience more scarcity. If we focus on what we have, and are grateful for it, guess what happens? We get more of what we appreciate.

Appreciate what you have and you will get more of it. Focus on the best of what you have, and you will attract more of that and even better.

We can greatly enhance our life experience by learning to appreciate and give thanks for all that we DO have. In this moment now.

Take care of what you have. Instead of complaining about your old, beat up car - clean it up, spruce it up and be grateful for it. That is the way to find yourself in a snazzy, wonderful new car!

If we don't appreciate and take care of what we have, we will never get what we say (and think) we want. It's a universal law. We will never be trusted with 'greater things' until we take good care of 'lesser things.' Think about that.

Saying, "I'll take better care of my car when I have a nicer car" is to postpone a 'right relationship' to our posessions. When we say "WHEN" we basically postpone our good. Think about that.

Today, stop and identify 5 things that you are glad to have in your life. A relationship? A posession? A sunset? Just find 5 things that you are happy to have in your life at the moment. Simple. Do it for a month and you will transform your life.

Count your blessings. Old advice that is very wise!

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