Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Curved Shower Curtains

What a revelation! For about the past year, I've been noticing something amazing in hotel rooms across America! Someone finally invented a way to keep a shower curtain from blowing into the shower and plastering itself to the body of the bather!

It seems so simple... and yet, many travelers have suffered from slimey shower curtains sticking to their bodies for years and years and years!

The solution? To make a curved shower curtain rod! The bottom of the shower curtain stays safely within the confines of the tub, while the top billows out away from the bather. Brilliant! And yet... so obvious!

Why did it take so long for someone to come up with such an obvious solution to this irritating problem?

Often, I think we expect that solutions will be hard or complex. We can't imagine that answers could be obvious or easy. So, we overlook the solutions that stare us straight in the face.

Maybe we should stop trying so hard and just look at things in a more practical down to earth way? Perhaps we could solve more of the world's problems, if we stopped believing the problems to be too complex to resolve!

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