Monday, August 04, 2008

Sharing My Twins with the World

Just a quick entry today... I finally got photos of my twins... the baby deer I have hanging out in my yard, that is. I actually have another mother with a single baby. So I have three, precious, new lives being nurtured on my property.

I love that they feel safe in my yard. I've actually been out gardening and had one or both of the babies stop very close to me, wide eyed, and just stare at me. They are so curious and so cute.

Watching the two babies 'frolic' with each other is one thing in life that give me a lot of joy. :) They are so innocent and so playful. Ahhh.... to recapture some of that in our selves!

What a wonderful feeling! Here they are....

The proud and alert mama deer:

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