Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Amazing Connections

I have a story to share with you. I was having a kind of rough day not long ago. Things just weren't going my way. Ever had one of 'those days?' I was in the midst of one, and went to the mall to return a shirt I had purchased from Tommy Bahama when I was in Hawaii in August. I assumed there was Tommy Bahama store in my local mall. I was not correct. As I searched the directory, I realized that there was not a retail outlet for Tommy in the mall. I was frustrated. How as I going to return this shirt? I knew that I'd need to go online and locate the nearest store, and make yet another trip to return it. More hassle than I was in the mood for on this 'bad' day.

I had walked through Macy's on my way into the mall, and had noticed a really pretty cashmere sweater. The price of the sweater was $5 more than the price of the shirt I was returning. When I saw the sweater, I thought to myself that I'd try it on and buy it on my way back to my car, after returning the Tommy Bahama blouse.

As I walked back through Macy's I hesitated to try on the sweater. I had been unsuccessful in returning the blouse, and now would be spending 'new' money, instead of just respending the money from the blouse return.

I did try on the sweater. (It was really really really pretty!) I loved the sweater and decided to buy it, even though my return attempt for the blouse had failed.

I took the sweater to the counter at Macy's. As the clerk started to ring up my sweater, I asked her, "Is there a Tommy Bahama store in the mall?" I'm not sure what she heard, but her answer was, "We only sell men's Tommy Bahama stuff and take their returns."

I was shocked. I said, "You take Tommy Bahama returns? Even for women's clothing?"

The clerk answered, "Yes, we only sell the men's wear for them, but we take returns on men and women's wear."

I was elated! Here I was, buying my new sweater, on my way out of the mall, feeling frustrated that I hadn't been successful in returning my blouse to Tommy Bahama, and lo and behold, I'm informed that the very merchant I'm dealing with can take my return!

The clerk went on to explain that their deal with Tommy Bahama only allowed them to issue Macy's gift cards for the refund amount.

In my case this was perfect, because as I mentioned, the sweater I was purchasing cost $5 more than the blouse I was returning.

The clerk very efficiently processed the return of my Tommy Bahama blouse, issued the Macy's gift card, and then promptly applied it to my sweater. I gave her $5 plus sales tax in cash, and walked out with my beautiful new sweater.

How cool is that?

It was a great example to me that the universe can, in fact, give us exactly what we need!!! I was about to leave the mall in frustration and defeat, and the universe gave me exactly what I needed! An even easier way to return my unwanted item, and get the sweater I really wanted. How cool is that!?!?

Often, even in our darkest hour, we can be lifted up by a kind and loving universe. We need to always remember that and look for it! I was uplifted and encouraged by my return/purchase that day.

Thank you God... and thank you Universe! :)

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