Friday, October 17, 2008

The Value of a Stable Core

I find that I keep coming across the idea of cultivating and maintaining a 'stable core' in my life.

In the investing classes that I've taken for the past several years, my instructor always talks about a 'core and explore' approach to investing. Having a core that you establish and rarely tinker with, and a much smaller portion of the portfolio that you do more aggressive investing with. It is a solid and sensible approach. It keeps most of your money in a well diversified, risk tolerance related position, while allowing freedom to move with the rest of the porfolio.

I have also been in physical therapy for the last many months for a problem with my back. It seems I have an area of instability in my low back that can be moved out of place quite easily. This results in a lot of pain in my hip and low back. The remedy... to develop and strenghen the core of my body - my abs and torso. I've come to learn how to 'activate' and 'turn on' my core through my therapy. It is amazing that everything I do in my life can be done with more stability and ease,if initiate movement from a strong core.

I think that it it's interesting that this concept occurs in so many areas of life. There is something profound in the idea. Whatver we do we are best served if we have a solid 'core' to move from. THe possibilities of how we move, what direction we go in, the choices we make are all affected by the place that we start from. IF we start from an unstable position - the results might be seriously adversely affected. We might be harmed.

There is a lot to be said for working to create a firm, solid core or foundation... for our selves and our lives, and conduct our affairs from that place. There is no better endeavor. Nothing will have a better payoff than cultivating a strong core!

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