Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A Great Day For America!!

I've spent the night jumping up and down - interspersed with weeping. I was actually glad I was alone in my house when the networks 'called' the presidential election. I was a little embarrassed by my behavior. I was truly overwhelmed.

I wanted Obama to win, for a number of reasons, but beyond my own political reasoning, I'm truly excited that America has broken through some long standing barriers to blaze a new trail in our history.

Tonight, we elected the first president of African American descent in the history of our nation.

I am proud of my country. We will never be the same.

We have broken some incredible barriers this night and we should all be excited and proud.

The challenges before our nation are immense. There is no easy path before us. We have a lot of work to do. Obama inherits a huge mess to sort out. But even with all that...

This night marks a huge transition in the course of our nation. A healing is possible. A transformation is possible. I hope and pray that we will seize this opportunity.

I hope that, as a nation, we can come together to meet the incredible challenges faced by our nation and embrace this time as an opportunity for immense progress.

At this moment, I am fairly focused on the pure triumph of barriers shattering.

We can all celebrate the paradigm shift that has come to us all this day.

God bless America... and God bless all the people of our planet!

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