Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving 2008

On this Thanksgiving Holiday, I wish you all a day of warmth, joy and deep gratitude. In the spirit of the day, may we all focus on the bountiful gifts we have received. Whatever state of lack we may be struggling with, may we choose to focus on all that we do have... the true gifts of life and give thanks.

What we focus on expands and grows. Being grateful for all that we haves, draws more of the same to our lives.

If we focus on what we lack, we draw more lack into our lives.

Make a list today of 20 things that you are grateful for. Train your mind to see the glass half full... instead of half empty!

Here's my list:

Nola's Gratitude List... for this moment:

1. Loving family and friends
2. A healthy body
3. The beautiful sunshine in the midst of winter
4. Snow on the mountain tops
5. A fireplace to sit in front of on a cold day
6. My warm, comfortable bed
7. Food to eat
8. Iced tea!!!!!
9. The ability to travel and fly to see people I love
10. Having people to call when I feel low/down
11. My car runs well and gets me where I need to go
12. The ability to help people face their problems
13. The time to hike
14. Clean water to drink
15. Cooking barefoot in my kitchen
16. The crashing waves at the ocean
17. Fresh air to breath
18. The pain in my back is almost gone!
19. Getting a phone call from an old friend unexpectedly
20. Memories of giggling with my niece and mom late one night in the airport


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