Thursday, November 06, 2008

The Storm Always Passes

When you find yourself in the midst of a storm, it is sometimes difficult to believe that it will eventually end. Storms can be frightening and quite unsettling.

Recently, I've been through 5 or 6 really difficult challenges, all unfolding simultanously in my life. I have, at times, felt as though I were drowning. I have been aware that my attitude was 'not helping me' and yet, it has been incredibly difficult to 'snap out of it.'

In the midst of all these struggles, I have felt, on many occaisions like I was facing unpleasant hardship no matter what direction I turned.

This has gone on for almost 2 solid months, but the dawn is now beginning to break. I've moved into more acceptance with the things beyond my control. I have taken decisive action on the situations where I can affect some change or make a difference. I have made tentative plans for how to address the situations that still loom large on the unknown horizon.

With acceptance around what 'IS' and what I cannot change, with action on the situations I can do something about, and a willingness to lay plans on those issues that I'm still not sure about... I have started to emerge from the midst of the storm.

Yesterday morning, someone close to me said, "You look downright chipper today!" I guess I haven't been looking too 'chipper' lately. I haven't been smiling much, that's for sure. There has been a deep, inner pain and discomfort bubbling away.

Yesterday it started to shift. I'm not going to lie... the election results helped lift my spirits immensely! My inner shift, however, was not merely a reaction to this outer event.

The election symbolized the dawn of a new era to me. It symbolized hope and the possibility of a different future. I think it reminded me that this was possible in my life as well.

Interestingly enough, as I bopped and bounced through my day yesterday, many things that had been 'stuck' started to move forward. Progress was made on several fronts that I have been struggling with and stalled on for weeks. Funny how that 'inner shift' and a bit of optimism worked like grease on a sticky hinge.

The storm always passes. There will always be a brighter day. Sometimes the bright spot is major, sometimes it is just a sliver of light. Light is light. Hope is hope. Grab on to it... and don't let go!

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