Thursday, July 16, 2009

Adjusting to the New Landscape

Life is change. Nothing stays the same. All is impermanent.

Many of us resist these universal truths. We seek security in stability. When we look for our security in outer circumstances, we are pretty much doomed to learn some really tough lessons. We can't ever count on anything in the outer world to remain the way we want it to be. We simply don't have that sort of control.

I'm someone who adapts rather slowly to change. i work on this constantly, in an attempt to be able to 'go with the flow' of life a bit more easily. It still doesn't come naturally to me. I am comforted by routine. I like tradition and I'm a creature of habit. Unfortunately, the world doesn't conform to my particular personality!

I believe that the universe is always teaching us - individually and collectively. One of my big lessons in this life is how to adjust to new situations quickly and without tantrums!

This past weekend, I had an appointment with someone to do some work at my home. I spent two days preparing for their work. I set aside many other tasks and actually put my body under a lot of stress to do the preparation for the work they were going to do to clean and seal all my cement walkways, patios, etc.

They didn't show up.

I was really annoyed. I finally figured it out by 11am. They weren't coming. Although I had spoken to them at 9:15, and they said they were 'on their way.'

All my plans for the day needed to be changed. I had planned my time for that day (and the few days before and after) based on the fact that this work was going to be happening.

I resisted changing my plans for a good 2 hours. I complained to a few people about how this guy had 'wrecked my day.' I didn't 'feel like' doing other things that day. I wanted to get this project done!!

Finally, I started to 'snap out of it.' I grabbed my brain and took hold of my thoughts! Who's fault was it that I was having a bad day and not getting anything accomplished? Was it the concrete guy who didn't show? Or was it me from behind a wall of resistance to 'what is.'

He didn't show up. Not a thing I could do about that. But what happened after that was all on me! I didn't have to let the disappointment of that moment poison my whole day. Yet, that's exactly what I was doing... until I caught myself!

It wasn't the end of the world. It was simply a change in plans. Albeit, it was caused by some one's inconsiderate behavior. That was one moment in time. I was allowing it to become moment after moment after moment. That was my responsibility. I was only hurting myself.

Life is change. Nothing stays the same. Sometimes changes come quite rapidly. The sooner we adjust to what is in front of us, needing our attention, the happier and more productive we will be!

Got any changes staring you down right now? If they aren't going away... you'd best get on with it! You... and me both!