Friday, July 31, 2009


Change is challenging. Whether we go through 'good' change or 'bad' change it takes energy and resources to move through it.

I had a powerful physical therapy appointment today. I'm in the midst of a series of 'structural integration' treatments. Today's session was on my 'trouble spot' which is my low back. My therapist worked her way through the area, releasing all the muscles and muscle groups at a very deep level. It was fairly painful and when she was through I felt very relaxed and somehow different. Things felt as though they'd been 'rearranged.' I'm not sure how else to put it. It felt good, but somehow fragile. It was as though the changes needed to integrate into my body completely.

I decided to take the evening and rest. I wanted to give some time and space to my body to allow it to settle into its new 'state.'

It's important to recognize the toll that change can take on us. We need extra time, resources and energy to move through change and allow it to become the 'new normal.'

No matter what the change is that you are facing or going through - be patient with yourself and allow yourself the time you need to integrate the change. If we push too hard through a change, we just make it more difficult on ourselves. We can disrupt the change process, or even undo it if we don't give ourselves the appropriate time and space to pass through it.

Integration is an important part of the change process. It is the completion of a transition of some sort. I'm reflecting on it as I rest this evening - and allow my muscles, tendons and fascia to accept their new configuration.