Friday, July 03, 2009

Declare Your Independence

Freedom is a beautiful thing. There are many ways in this life for us to lose our freedom and independence. Lots of worldly interferences can cause us to not be able to move and live freely. That's part of life on planet earth.

The trick is in knowing what freedom really is and knowing that no one can take away our freedom where it really matters - in the way we choose to look at and conduct our lives.

We can have our integrity, our principles, and our convictions. No one can take those away from us. Someone might take away our life, but they cannot take away the inner beliefs and perspective that we hold. We are the only ones who can give those precious gifts away.

Knowing what we can and cannot lose is a large part of finding peace and happiness in this life. Believing that others have the power to take away our joy and happiness is throwing away our power. It is completely our responsibility! If we choose to give others that sort of control over us, we are giving away our freedom to choose.

Independence Day is tomorrow. We celebrate the idea of casting off 'false authority' over our destiny and our path. At least that's what Independence Day is for me. We celebrate freedom, and my hope is that we realize what true freedom is, and where true freedom comes from. No one can take away the freedoms that matter most - our internal state of mind and heart.

I long for a world where no one claims and abuses authority over other people. I yearn for all people to be treated with dignity and respect. My hope is that we learn to live on earth together without exploitation, greed and selfishness. A tall order, I know, but I have to believe we'll get there... eventually.

In the mean time, while people are people, and too many give in to greedy, selfish motivations and take advantage of others in the process, let's all remember that while things can be taken away from us on this earthy, WE GET TO CHOOSE our internal state of mind and our approach to what happens to us in life.

This is real freedom. This type of freedom is all we can ever really count on.

Happy Independence Day! Claim your freedom!