Thursday, July 09, 2009

The Waxwing Tree

I love the reminders that we are given about the seasonal patterning of life.

I have a tree outside my workout room window that produces small red berries every mid-late June. The berries last about 2 weeks. Birds seem to love these berries. Robins get a few of them, as do a handful of smaller birds. The bulk of these berries, however, go to a particular type of bird called Cedar Waxwings.

The stunning Cedar Waxwing

I don't see many Waxwings in my yard. Maybe I'll spot one or two throughout the summer. The exception is when this tree is producing it's berry crop. Then I have a steady stream of Waxwings!

Waxwings have a very particular call. It's a little wheeze-like... very subtle.

I start looking for them every year when the berries start to ripen, and like the rising of the sun, they appear exactly when they are supposed to. I always say, "It's Waxwings time!" It's comforting to me.

I think it's important to remember that life has seasons and certain things are predictable. Daybreak follows the night. Birds migrate. The tide rises and it falls. Crops are planted and are later harvested. It all makes sense at a larger, cosmic level.

Sometimes when we are mired in the day to day challenges and minutia of life, we forget that there are larger patterns at play. We can get lost in the 'stuff' of our days and forget the bigger picture.

Things like my 'Waxwing tree' remind me that seasons come... and go. Things are 'as they should be.' It might not seem that way when I'm dealing with the current challenge in front of me, but it's true.

Life goes on. The sun will rise. Let the Waxwing Trees of life remind you that it's all unfolding according to a greater wisdom.