Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Cooking Barefoot in My Kitchen

Coming home to a comfortable, familiar place is such a wonderful feeling. I just returned from a trip, and there is simply nothing like sleeping in my own bed, or drinking coffee from my favorite mug. Home.

This was a short trip, but I've been on many, much longer trips. I'm always amazed at what I miss when I'm away.

When I'm on my long trips, one of the things I miss the most is cooking barefoot in my kitchen. The feeling of the clean hardwood under my feet is somehow soothing to me. When I'm camping or in a dusty environment, the image that pops into my mind most often when I think of home is of me whipping up something to eat in my bare feet.

I miss my bed, of course and driving my own car. Familiar things that make my home environment mine.

We also have an internal home. A home inside ourselves that is always with us. Acknowledging and connecting to that home is something well worth the effort.

When we get disconnected from our internal home, we feel lost and adrift. We miss ourselves!

Taking the time to connect with and feel 'at home' inside our own skin enhances our experience of life. When we have our internal home, we can go anywhere and go through anything - with a stability and sense of peace.

Today, celebrate your home... inside and out!