Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Divine Appointments

Last weekend, I realized that my back and hip were starting to hurt me a little bit. I haven't been to physical therapy for a few weeks. I've been doing so much better lately that I'm tapering off a bit. I have learned from my time in physical therapy, that it is important for me to not let my pain get too far down the road before I take action. The pain I experience is mostly due to muscle cramps that are a reaction to the injury I have. The longer I let those muscles stay tight, the harder it is to get them to release.

Monday morning I called the physical therapist's office to make an appointment for sometime that week. They told me that my therapist had an opening for that very day. Someone had just cancelled their appointment. I jumped at the chance to get the appointment!

That afternoon, when I met with my therapist, she was chuckling as she told me that she had been thinking about me over the weekend, and was planning to call me this week to tell me she had another technique that she wanted to try on my injured area! She said she was stunned to find me on her schedule that day, since I wasn't supposed to be there. She went on to tell me that she had been to church the day before, and the message had been on "Divine Appointments" and how God will put us right where we need to be and will put the exact right people on our path. She was tickled to have such a real life example show up in her life so quickly! "I wanted to see you and try this out, and I didn't even have to call you," she said!

I had the impulse to see her and made the call. She was thinking about me at the same time, and wanting to share a new technique with me that she thought might be helpful to my body! The universe did the rest!

It was a good reminder for me also, that life is constantly arranging things for us - behind the scenes - to meet our needs.

Have you ever been thinking about someone and suddenly they called you? Or you got an email from them? Start paying attention to just how often we are matched up with who and what we need at any given time!