Saturday, December 15, 2007

Beautiful Arab Children!

One of my 'jobs' when I'm here is to be the official family photographer for Azmi's kids! I enjoy my job and I always make Microsoft Publisher collages with the photos I take of the kids. :) On this trip I'm learning how to use my new camera, so I must say I'm not as happy with the photos as I usually am. I have a wonderful new camera, but it is so sophisticated that it does a lot of things I don't really want it to do. Oh well... the photos are still really wonderful!

I'm including 4 collages here for Azmi's family... and another collage of my friends' Lamees and Amjad and their new baby boy Muhammad-Nadim. I snuck a couple photos of 'aunt Nola' into this one. :)

I believe if you click on these collages they will open larger and be a bit easier to see.

Azmi's son Amir

Azmi's daughter Lemar is the main subject!

Azmi's daughter Dania is the main subject!

Amir, Dania and Lemar


Muhammad-Nadim with his mom, Lamees;
father Amjad and Aunt Nola!

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