Sunday, December 09, 2007

A Day in Safed

I enjoyed a lovely Shabbat (Sabbath) Friday night with my friends who live in Rosh Pina. Orna and Yair Moore own and operate an amazing weaving studio, art gallery and cafe in Safed. Here is their website:

Entry to Orna & Yair's gallery, studio and cafe

I absolutely adore their three sons, Eden, Nadav and Eli. I was fortunate enough to get to see all three of the boys on this trip, even though they are growing up and developing interesting and full lives of their own.

We spent a nice evening on Friday, talking about life... and even playing an impromptu game of charades in the restaurant where we had dinner. Eden, Eli and Yair were amazed that Orna and I were unbelievalby good at this game, seemed to be in total 'sync' with each other and were able to guess each other's charade all three times we tried. Orna acted out "A bird in the hand is better than two in the bush" and "I have the whole world in my hands" and I acted out "Smile and the whole world smiles with you." Eden and Yair each gave Orna her topics to act out. Eli gave me mine. I guessed both of Orna's and she guessed mine! The boys guessed... zilch! They are convinced that we 'girls' have... special powers. Indeed we do, boys! We were all laughing so hard... because it really was quite amazing that Orna and I got what the other was saying... so quickly and so accurately! Poor Eli was getting embarrassed and hoping no one he knew was watching us be silly in public! :)

Here is a photo taken of the Moore family a few years back:

Eli, Orna, Yair, Eden, Nadav

I especially enjoyed my time with Eden. He reminded me, when we were talking about finding ones place in the world that 'We don't really have a choice. There is something each of us is supposed to do in this life... and we must do it!" Simple as that. He was quite emphatic... and he is quite right! He is a wise and wonderful young man. He has been since I met him when he was about 13!

Eden has begun working and studying with a well known papier mache scultor named Mike Leaf. Here is his website: They have opened a gallery together in Safed. Eden is very excited about this work. It seems to be a good fit for him.

Here is a photo of Eden and I together with his mother, Orna, standing in the new gallery next to some of his pieces:

Orna, Nola, Eden in Eden's papier mache' gallery

Yair, Orna, Eden in the gallery

Eden did this piece (below) that was designed by Mike Leaf. It is called Politi-Cola. It shows 3 Israeli soliders on one side and 3 Palestinian fighters on the other of a '6 pack.' They are all holding guns, and, as Eden describes, they all have the same faces, the same eyes, noses... they are the same people. He explained that they are already living in the same place and they must find a way to get along eventually. It is a humorous piece that draws attention to the silliness of holding these stances towards each other, when we are all part of the same... 6 pack. :)

Eden showed me an in progress sculpture that he is working on. This is a very complicated process and Eden is very very talented! It will be interesting to watch his work unfold.

Orna and Yair found out today that they are being given an award by the Ministry of Tourism for their work in Safed. They were very excited about this today! It is exciting. They do amazingly creative and special work in their weaving studio, making Talit (prayer shawls) and many other sacred Judaica items. If you are ever in Israel, you must check them out!

They also were recently added to the Lonely Planet Guide to Israel! This too is very very exciting!

I'll have to tell the story sometime of our magical meeting. We met about 7 or 8 years ago and it was a truly awe inspiring story! Another time.

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