Friday, December 07, 2007

A Blank Mind...

It has been a strange day here in Tiberias. A rare, completley rainy, dreary day. Everyone is milling around the hotel. The kids are all stir crazy, stuck inside, running around the lobby (driving me crazy!) Everyone just seems to be a bit subdued today. (Although no less LOUD)!

I'm having troubling thinking of what to write about today. I'm about to take off and go enjoy a lovely Shabbat (sabbath) dinner with some friends in a near by town. I'm looking foward to a mellow, quiet evening.

In a while, they will light the mennorah/Chanukkiah for the 4th night of Chanukkah. And because the story of Chanukkah celebrates the miracle of the oil (which lasted for 8 days when it should have only lasted for one), there will be donuts/souvganyot (jelly filled donuts) are served (because they are fried in oil).

A friend and I have been watching people navigating the uncommonly wet and slippery entrance to our hotel. We were particularly irritated to see the 'caution - slippery' sign outside was in English and Hebrew first, with Russian and Arabic squeezed in on the sides. Hebrew and Arabic are the primary two languages of this country, and we didn't appreciate Arabic being put off to the side. It's a respect thing.

Yesterday I was in Nazareth (An Arab town) visiting with friends. Tonight I will celebrate Shabbat with Jewish friends, and tomorrow I will go to the Arab town of Daburreya to visit my friend Azmi's family. That's the way it should be... in my humble opinion. One big family.

They are lighting the Mennorah.... time to go!! :)

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