Sunday, December 09, 2007

Chanukkah Continues

Each night we've been in this hotel, the Channukiah/Mennorah has been lighted in the lobby. As I sat in the lobby this evening, I noticed that suddenly there were many additional Chanukkiahs/Mennorahs on the table. The previous night when the hotel was empty, there had been only one (the hotel's Chanukkiah). Steve told me that it is traditional for families to take their own Chanukkiah with them if they travel away from home (at least to a hotel) during Chanukkah. Each woman lights her own Chanukkiah/Mennorah and leaves it near the hotel's. I thought that was pretty cool and it made a very beautiful site. The children in the lobby were walking up and gazing at the candles burning all through the evening.

Here is a photo of the collection of Chanukkiahs in the hotel this evening:

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