Friday, July 18, 2008

Cherishing What We Have

Years ago, I learned an important 'prosperity' concept that had a huge impact on my life. It relates to the idea that it is important to appreciate what we have in the moment, while we move toward and hope for something better.

The easiest example of this is to think of something like our car. Let's say we have an older car that isn't exactly 'the ride' we'd like to be in. Some people might be inclined to neglect the car and think something along the lines of, "This old beater isn't worth the effort, but when I have a better car... I'll take good care of it."

The principle I was taught, was that if we want something better, we should treat the thing we have with respect and care. It's almost as if we are demonstrating our willingness to 'have' something worth taking care of. If we neglect our old, beat up car... why would the universe expect us to take better care of another car - no matter what type of vehicle it is?

A minister I like to listen to is fond of saying, "When we are faithful over little things, God trusts us with bigger things."

I believe this to be true of everything in our lives. If we only have a little bit of money, but we respect it, take care of it, learn about how to use it and invest it responsibly... we'll be given more. If, however, we don't take our responsibility seriously, if we think, "well, when I have more money... THEN I'll learn about investing and how to use it properly," we are unlikely to ever be trusted with more.

It is easy to practice this principle. Our clothes, furniture, cars, money, tools... whatever possessions we have can become precious, appreciated belongings. Give it a try and see what happens.

This all came back to me today when I was cleaning my car. I love to take good care of my things. IT is my way of showing God and the universe that I am grateful... it lets it be known that I can be trusted to take good care of my things... and special bonus... when you take good care of your things, it is more enjoyable to use them! A clean car (no matter how old) is much nicer to ride around in than a dirty, cluttered messy one!

What can you take out and polish up today?

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