Thursday, July 03, 2008

Save the Last Dance

There is a very sweet movie called, Save the Last Dance (2001) that I have watched several times this past week. It is a touching story of a young woman who gives up her dream of becoming a prima ballerina after her mother is killed in an auto accident. The girl, Sarah, blames herself for her mother's death. Her mother was killed while driving to watch Sarah audition for a place at Julliard, the prestigious high school of the performing arts in New York.

Sarah is forced to move to the inner city with her father, whom she barely knows. She suddenly finds herself in a school where she is in the minority, as one of the very few white students.

As she navigates the changes thrust upon her by life, she deals with issues of racism as she finds friendship, love and the courage to face her fears and go for her dreams!

I LOVE this movie, and highly recommend it as an inspiring, touching and motivating experience.

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