Tuesday, July 29, 2008

When Rain Makes the Day

I have an out of town guest visiting me from the east coast for a week. This is typically the time of year when we have our best weather. As the date of her arrival has approached, I've eagerly checked the weather report... and the extended forcast. For the past couple weeks I've been delighted to see nothing but sunshine on the horizon. Suddenly, a few days ago, the forcast started to change, and rain drops started appearing in the line up. I was really bummed. How often does this friend come to the west coast? I had so many good weather dependent activities that I wanted to take her to experience. Now, rain!!!!

Today we arrived in Port Angeles, Washington. Gateway to the Olympic mountain range. Today, my only plan was for us to get the ferry from Seattle, and get to Port Angeles before dinner time. I was planning for us to drive up to "Hurricane Ridge" tomorrow morning and possibly do some hiking. The forcast is calling for rain showers tomorrow. Hurricane Ridge in the rain would not be great. If the clouds are low, you really can't see the stunning vistas!

We arrived in Port Angeles around 4pm. that was actually ahead of my planned schedule. I checked with my guest to see if she was up for the 2 hour round trip drive, plus whatever time we spent at the top. The weather today was really nice, and I knew we would get the views I wanted her to experience. So, although we wouldn't get to hike, the most important part of the experience would be available to her. She was all for it.

We started up into the mountains. Another guest at our hotel had mentioned to us that they were doing repairs on the road going up to Hurricane Ridge, and that we might encounter long delays. Another setback in my mind. As we made the drive, we were delighted to find that because of the late hour, most of the construction activities had been halted for the day, and there were also not too many cars traveling up the mountain, or down! By driving up at the end of this day, we were most likely avoiding lengthy delays sitting in traffic back ups!

The view from the top was indeed spectacular! The drive up was stunning as always. My friend was able to experience the best that this region has to offer, without the frustrating time delays of road construction. Why? Because tomorrow's forcast called for rain.

What I originally considered a negative, turned out to be highly beneficial! We were able to do exactly what I'd hoped we could. Tomorrow, even if the weather had been great, we wouldn't have had as nice of a trip up into the mountains!

Guess what? The clouds have rolled in now, and it looks like it will rain any time. I'm already busy planning some weather independent activities for tomorrow to take advantage of the 'new' time we have available to us.

Sometimes a little rain... is a great thing!

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