Thursday, July 24, 2008

Get Moving to Gain Momentum

Sometimes I don't feel like doing something I need to do. It happens to all of us. Some have more of a problem with procrastination than others, but we all 'stall' out from time to time.

I've found that when I'm putting something off, or feeling generally unmotivated, that it can often be helpful to just take a step, any step, on ANY project to 'get moving.'

When I'm feeling stuck and uninterested in taking action, I'll often pick an 'easy' task to get myself moving. I might empty the dishwasher, fold some laundry or make a quick phone call to take care of some minor issue on my to do list. It amazes me, because it usually kick starts me somehow and I am able to get busy on the project that I really need to do.

I think its partly an issue of momentum. Just to get going - moving in ANY direction, can help us move in the ways that we need to move.

Give it a try!! Next time you are feeling stuck or unmotivated, pick off some 'low hanging fruit' - activity wise, and get your blood pumping. When you have a success or two under your belt, you'll find yourself inspired to keep moving!

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