Monday, July 28, 2008

When the Universe Comes Through

I was feeling a bit frustrated yesterday. I had several tasks to accomplish, and it seemed that I was missing one component needed to complete each one. I needed a routing number for a new checking account in order to complete paperwork for setting up my automatic monthly mortgage payment, and I was waiting on paperwork for a condo rental that I'm in the process of completing. I was also lamenting the fact that an order I had placed for some books and DVDs had not arrived by the deadline I needed them by. It was just one of those moments in time where I couldn't seem to get anything finished!

I then realized that I hadn't picked up Saturday's mail from my box. I went outside to pick up the mail, never expecting that any of my problems were about to be resolved.

Yet, when I opened the mailbox, there were the 'missing elements' for each of these three tasks! A box of checks had arrived for my new account. The numbers I needed would, of course, be on the checks! My DVD and book order was also there! I honestly didn't expect them to arrive until late next week! Finally, the condo rental confirmation packet was there as well. All the information I was lacking was suddenly in my hands!

What a lift that was to my spirits! I had been in a rather frustrated state. I was stuck in my ability to move any of those projects forward. Then, with one small act - going to the mailbox - all of those stalled projects leaped forward!

We never know when things are going to break loose or when we are going to take a leap forward. Our job is to keep moving along as best we can and know that the breakthrough can come at any moment!

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