Monday, June 22, 2009

Here's to Dads Everywhere

Yesterday was father's day. Fathers are so important it is hard for me to know where to begin as I sing their praises!

In my own experience, some of my best memories in life are those involving my father. He worked away from home alot when I was growing up, so I cherished every minute I got to spend with him. I remember one particular Saturday morning, I heard someone knocking at the front door of the house. I was usually the first one up on Saturdays, to watch cartoons with my dog on my lap. I rushed to the door and could see my dad's face smiling at me from outside the dining room window. He wasn't supposed to be home that particular weekend, but I can still feel my heart overflowing with delight as I saw his face in the window. Daddy was home!

He was my greatest supporter, and at the same time expected a great deal from me. The combination served my development well.

I remember him bringing me little presents whenever he'd come home from a business trip. He let me drink 'coffee' with him (which was mostly milk with a little sugar mixed in). I felt so 'grown up' when he let me drink coffee with him!

We fished together, and went clamming. We spent a lot of good father-daughter time. I am a lot like he was... which is good and bad. I trust people too quickly and too much sometimes, and it has caused me problems in life... more than once. I'm friendly and open like he was, and make friends quickly... just like he did.

I see a lot of my father in me. That makes me happy.

Fathers can make or break their children. The role they play in the formation of the persons they 'create' is immense. Fathers sometimes are considered secondary in the rearing of children. That is such a sad occurrence to me. Their role is critical, and it should be treated with seriousness and respect.

How a man treats his wife/the mother of his children will affect generations to come. How a man treats his daughters will lay the foundation for the relationships she will have with men in her life. This can be powerfully positive, or, if the father blows it, can have catastrophic results.

Men... the father role... are a gift to us all. Men and women are different creatures, and those differences should be celebrated and respected. Give thanks for the men in your life, most especially your father. Even if he 'blew it' you wouldn't be here without him, so at least that deserves a thank you inside your heart.

Do something nice for the men in your life to celebrate the gift they give... just by being men.

Happy father's day...