Friday, June 26, 2009

You've Got the Best Scream I've Ever Heard

I'm in Las Vegas for a few days with some of my relatives. We have a love for gambling in my family. We really enjoy playing various games and playing the slot machines. It's funny how the trait seems to be prevalent among us.

Two of my cousins are with me and they have never been much into video poker, which is my favorite game. I kind of got them both hooked on the game when we arrived here in Vegas. I even carry a little probability sheet with me for the game I play and have been pulling it out to do consultations with various members of my party when they (or I) am in a quandary about what to do!

Last night while most of our party was outside watching the light show in 'old town' Vegas, my cousin and I were in playing video poker, of course. Then it happened. She hit the holy grail of video poker. Something I have tried unsuccessfully to achieve in the 24 years I've been playing this game. She hit the royal flush - which paid 4000 quarters - $1,000!!!!

I let out a "whoo hoo" like you wouldn't believe. Truth be told, I let out many of them. Some "Whooooooo's" and other sounds of happiness were also unleashed. I was so happy for my cousin. She was so excited! It was really cool!

The guy playing at the machine on the other side of me said, 'You have the best scream I've ever heard!' He asked my cousin to hit it one more time so he could hear me scream again. :)

It was funny, but one thing about the entire story that made me even happier is that I could express my enthusiasm and my joy in a way that felt good, and was infectious to other people around me. I wasn't being obnoxious of too loud, but I was fully expressing the happiness and excitement that I felt at the moment. I wasn't shy or self conscious about doing it. I even ran outside to get our entire gang to come in to see the royal flush on her machine!

There was a time in my life where I wouldn't have been able to cut loose like that and express my feelings out loud. I would have kept quiet. It would have felt wrong to let it out and share those feelings with those around me. I'm so glad that I've busted loose out of that prison!

When we are happy and excited, it's magnified when we share it with others and see it reflected back to us. It's a gift for everyone around.

I've laughed so hard this past week that my abdominal muscles actually hurt! I tend to be a bit on the serious side, so for me to laugh this much is really something! It has been such a fun trip. Having fun and laughing out loud is something I need to do a lot more of.

Let your joy out to play! It's healing and freeing for everyone around you!

Whoo hoo!!!!!