Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Relief at the End of the Day

It just feels good when we come to the end of long, hard day. Sleep never feels better than when we have exhausted ourselves body, mind and soul.

Likewise, when we've come through a difficult time and we finally start to emerge on the other side, it feels wonderful.

We need to always realize that we can make it through much more than we think we can. When the long day ends, and we know we've done our best, that is all we can ask of ourselves.

When we finally start to feel better after a betrayal, loss or trauma, we realize that the sun really does rise again. It really does.

I have been through some tough stuff in the past couple years. I'm still standing. In fact, I'm doing just great! There were dark days and tough moments. I just kept on walking. Now, I'm getting to reap the rewards of all those steps I took in the dark.

As I'm back in the saddle, doing some work I haven't done for a long time, I was nervous and anxious about it before I started. Now, after a couple weeks of doing it, I'm seeing that I'm handling it just fine, and am, in fact, doing a great job.

Let those moments of 'relief' and 'peace' after a 'long haul' soothe and bolster us for the rest of our life's journey.

The day is over for me at this moment, and it's time for the much earned rest.

Good night!