Friday, July 09, 2010

Appreciating the Contrast

Finally. At long last, summer has arrived in Seattle. Temperatures in the 70s, 80s and 90s for the next many days. FINALLY!

We've had one of the wettest, coldest spring/early summers that I can remember.

Now, we have bright sunshine and glorious warmth.

I'm having more moments of deep appreciation about this weather than I normally would. I always love a sunny day, but with our long dark, wet, cold winters, and the late arrival of some sunny weather this year, I now find myself walking outside, spreading my arms out, reaching up towards the sky and saying, "Thank You!" with all my heart.

Nothing like a long spell of dreary weather to make you appreciate the beauty of a warm, summer day.

Life is the same. Sometimes we take things for granted if we don't experience the 'opposite' for a while. Having a good income or lots of money, is much more appreciated after a time of unemployment or financial struggle. Relationship harmony is amazing if you've experienced a lot of strife. Spending time alone can be a glorious gift if you've been through an intense period of being with people constantly. Likewise, companionship can be like a breath of fresh air if you spend a lot of time alone for awhile.

Contrasts teach us about life and about ourselves. We can really see where we may be taking things for granted, when the tide suddenly turns in a dramatic way. It's all good learning!

Live each moment that presents itself to you. Appreciate it for what it is. Try to stay out of 'longing' for something to be different than it is. Be where you are now, and find what is to be savored about this specific experience. There is always something.

Allow the contrasts in your life to enrich and grow you!