Wednesday, July 07, 2010

A Simple Thrill

Sometimes in the hustle and bustle of life, we can miss the ever present simple pleasures that surround us.

Every year at this time, a particular tree in my yard yields some small red berries. They only last about a week, because birds love them!

In particular, a bird called the cedar waxwing really digs these berries! I rarely see Cedar Waxwings, except during the week to ten days that this tree has it's fruit. The Waxwings come, usually in pairs and feast on the berries. This happens right outside one of my windows.

I completely enjoy seeing these adorable birds each year. I look forward to the fruit ripening on this tree, just so I can see these stunning feathered friends.

It's a great reminder to me that things change and are impermanent. Things come into our lives and they pass from our lives. Enjoying the present moment, and what is before us is is something that enhances and enriches our lives.

If we rush past the simple pleasures and the moments before us, we miss our lives!

Do you have any Waxwings that you could pay attention to today? I invite you to look for the Waxwings and really notice them!

The Cedar Waxwing