Monday, July 12, 2010

A Reward at the End of It

I spent the last couple days doing a lot of heavy duty yard work. The weather has been really hot in Seattle. The tasks I undertook were a little more challenging due to the higher temperatures.

Still, it felt good to accomplish so much and see the transformation take place in my yard and around my house. It looks GREAT!

At the end of 3 long days of work, a friend offered to take me out for a little boat ride on Lake Washington. Now, boating is always fun. Especially on a beautiful summer day in Seattle.

Something about getting to do it at the end of a long haul of chores made it feel even better than usual!

The wind in my hair, the sun on the water and the feeling of freedom as we sped along felt simply marvelous.

I don't think it would have felt quite the same if it hadn't followed such an intensely busy and challenging few days.

Sometimes we appreciate things more when they come in sequence after something that is harder or more difficult in our lives.

I know that I appreciated this boat ride more than the last one I had. It somehow felt like a reward for all my hard work and effort.

Make sure you set high goals for yourself. Also make sure that you give yourself little rewards and treats along the way for a job well done. It enhances the quality of the entire journey!